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Gene Review

DMXL2  -  Dmx-like 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DmX-like protein 2, KIAA0856, PEPNS, RC3, Rabconnectin-3
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High impact information on DMXL2


Biological context of DMXL2


Anatomical context of DMXL2

  • Tissue and subcellular distribution analyses in rat indicated that rabconnectin-3 was abundantly expressed in the brain where it was enriched in the synaptic vesicle fraction [1].
  • We show that RC3 is expressed in virtually all pyramidal neurons and spiny stellate neurons of neocortical areas 4, 3b, 1, 2, 5, 7, and SII, but not in the majority of cortical interneurons [2].

Associations of DMXL2 with chemical compounds

  • Among the neuronal genes studied, thyroid hormone influences the expression of RC3, a brain specific gene encoding a protein kinase C substrate [4].

Physical interactions of DMXL2

  • CONCLUSION: These results indicate that rabconnectin-3 consists of the alpha and beta subunits and binds directly Rab3 GEP through the beta subunit and indirectly Rab3 GAP through an unidentified molecule(s) [3].


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