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Gene Review

Zfp354a  -  zinc finger protein 354A

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Kid1, Kidney, ischemia, and developmentally-regulated protein 1, Renal transcription factor Kid-1, TCF-17, Tcf17, ...
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Disease relevance of Zfp354a

  • We have identified a new putative transcription factor from the rat kidney, termed Kid-1 (for kidney, ischemia and developmentally regulated gene 1) [1].
  • Kid-1 mRNA levels are also reduced in rodent renal cell carcinomas, another condition characterized by epithelial cell dedifferentiation and increased proliferation [2].

High impact information on Zfp354a

  • Kid-1 belongs to the C2H2 class of zinc finger genes [1].
  • The low expression of Kid-1 early in postnatal development, and when renal tissue is recovering after injury, suggests that the gene product is involved in establishment of a differentiated phenotype and/or regulation of the proliferative response [1].
  • Kid-1 mRNA levels decline after renal injury secondary to ischemia or folic acid administration, two insults which result in epithelial cell dedifferentiation, followed by regenerative hyperplasia and differentiation [1].
  • The full-length Kid-1 protein is targeted to the nucleolus and adheres tightly to as yet undefined nucleolar structures, leading eventually to the disintegration of the nucleolus [3].
  • The rat Kid-1 gene codes for a 66-kDa protein with KRAB domains at the NH2 terminus and two Cys2His2-zinc finger clusters of four and nine zinc fingers at the COOH terminus [3].

Biological context of Zfp354a


Anatomical context of Zfp354a


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