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Gene Review

blaI  -  beta-lactamase repressor BlaI

Staphylococcus aureus

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Disease relevance of blaI


High impact information on blaI

  • In both bacteria, the products of the blaI and blaRl genes share a high degree of sequence homology and act as repressors and penicillin-sensory transducers respectively [3].
  • The production of PBP2' is under dual control by its own mecR1-mecI- and the penicillinase blaR1-blaI-encoded regulatory elements [4].
  • The putative beta-lactamase (Bla) repressor gene, blaI, from the staphylococcal plasmid pI524 was isolated, and the DNA sequence was determined [1].
  • In contrast, mecI repression seemed to be partially or fully retained in many of the isolates with mecI and one isolate with blaI missense mutations, providing structure-function correlates with the site and type of mutation [5].
  • 5-methyltryptophan seems to induce penicillinase synthesis in wild-type plasmids by becoming incorporated into the repressor and thereby inactivating the operator binding function of the penicillinase repressor [6].

Other interactions of blaI

  • The mec and bla regulators, mecR1-mecI and blaR1-blaI, respectively, encode inducer-repressors with sufficient amino acid homology to suggest that they could coregulate PBP2a production [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of blaI


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