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Gene Review

NS  -  nonstructural protein

Uukuniemi virus

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Disease relevance of NS


High impact information on NS

  • When such cells were either superinfected with Uukuniemi virus or cotransfected with expression plasmids encoding the L (RNA polymerase), N (nucleoprotein), and NSs (nonstructural protein) viral proteins, strong CAT activity or GFP expression was observed [6].
  • All pathogenic RVFV strains direct the synthesis of a nonstructural phosphoprotein (NSs) that is encoded by the smallest (S) segment of the tripartite genome and has an undefined accessory function [7].
  • A method for quantifying the small RNA segment by a real-time detection reverse transcription (RT)-PCR using TaqMan technology and targeting the nonstructural protein-coding region was developed, and primers and a probe were designed [8].


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