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Gene Review

GPX7  -  glutathione peroxidase 7

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CL683, FLJ14777, GPX6, GPx-7, GSHPx-7, ...
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Disease relevance of GPX7

  • Thus, NPGPx plays an essential role in breast cancer cells in alleviating oxidative stress generated from polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism [1].
  • After confirming the cross-reactivity of the antibody in suppressing the IL-6-mediated proliferation of rat liver cells, GPX7 was injected once a week at doses of 1 (low dose) or 4 (high dose) mg/kg body weight (BW) [2].

High impact information on GPX7


Biological context of GPX7


Anatomical context of GPX7

  • The values of the trabecular osteoclast surface and number in the GPX7 high-dose group were significantly smaller than those in the OVX controls [2].
  • Three mAbs (GPX7, GPX22 and GPZ35) were shown to inhibit IL-6-mediated biological responses such as Ig production in a human B cell line and proliferative responses of a human Lennert's lymphoma-derived T cell line, a human myeloma cell line, and a mouse pro-B cell line-derived transfectant expressing human gp130 [3].

Associations of GPX7 with chemical compounds


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