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Gene Review

tyr  -  tyrosinase

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, sandy, zgc:109705
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High impact information on tyr

  • We propose that retinal pigment epithelium (which normally expresses tyrosinase) secretes a modulatory factor, possibly L-DOPA, which regulates light adaptation in the retinal circuitry [1].
  • We found that a small molecule, (2-morpholinobutyl)-4-thiophenol (MoTP), specifically ablates zebrafish larval melanocytes or melanoblasts, and that this melanocytotoxicity is dependent on tyrosinase activity, which presumably converts MoTP to cytotoxic quinone species [2].
  • The tyrosinase inhibitor 1-phenyl-2-thiourea (PTU) is widely used in zebrafish research to suppress pigmentation in developing embryos/fry [3].
  • The Tol2 element is a transposable element in Oryzias latipes (the medaka fish) found in the tyrosinase gene locus of the tyrosinase-deficient mutant medaka fish and has been shown to be excised from the genome during medaka embryogenesis (Koga, A., Suzuki, M., Inagaki, H., Bessho, Y., Hori, H., 1996. Transposon element in fish. Nature 383, 30) [4].
  • We show that a region of 814 nt upstream from the translation start site of the zebrafish tyrosinase gene can drive expression in retinal pigmented epithelium in transiently transgenic zebrafish embryos but that its activity is not restricted to melanin-producing cells [5].

Biological context of tyr


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