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Gene Review

QRFP  -  pyroglutamylated RFamide peptide

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 26RFa, Orexigenic neuropeptide QRFP, P518
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Psychiatry related information on P518

  • A dose-dependent stimulation of locomotor activity was observed after i.c.v. administration of 26RFa, 43RFa and 26RFa(1-16), but not 26RFa(20-26), 26RFa(8-16) or 9RFa [1].
  • As for several other RFamide peptides, 26RFa-containing neurons are present in the hypothalamus, notably in two nuclei involved in the control of feeding behavior [2].

High impact information on P518


Biological context of P518

  • Intracerebroventricular injection of 26RFa provokes a robust increase in food intake in rodents [5].
  • The strong conservation, from amphibians to mammals, of the amino acid sequence corresponding to the amphipathic helix and to the C-terminal flexible octapeptide of 26RFa, suggests that these two domains are crucial for the interaction of the peptide with its receptor [5].

Anatomical context of P518


Associations of P518 with chemical compounds

  • In methanol, 26RFa adopts a well-defined conformation consisting of an amphipathic alpha-helical structure (Pro4-Arg17), flanked by two N- and C-terminal disordered regions [5].

Other interactions of P518

  • A novel hypothalamic neuropeptide of the RFamide family, comprising 26 amino acids residues and thus termed 26RFa, has been recently characterized in human, and was found to be the endogenous ligand for the orphan G protein-coupled receptor GPR103 [5].


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