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Gene Review

ck  -  crinkled

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 53D10S, BG:DS00929.11, CG7595, D2, DM7a, ...
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High impact information on ck


Biological context of ck

  • In this manuscript, we compare the complete derived amino acid sequence for D2 to two cloned and sequenced eukaryotic esterases and examine the requirement of the D2 gene product for development [3].

Anatomical context of ck

  • This is a phenocopy of mutations in crinkled, and suggests mutations that cause branched hairs will be in genes that encode products that interact with the actin cytoskeleton [5].

Other interactions of ck

  • Together, our data suggest a key role for ck/myoVIIA in the formation of cellular projections and other actin-based functions required for viability [4].


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