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Gene Review

sqh  -  spaghetti squash

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG3595, DmMRLC_C, Dmel\CG3595, MLC, MLRC, ...
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Disease relevance of sqh


High impact information on sqh


Biological context of sqh

  • Germ line cystoblasts entirely lacking a functional sqh gene show severe defects in proliferation and cytokinesis [4].
  • Mutant sqh transgene sqh-A20, A21 in which both serine-21 and threonine-20 have been replaced by alanines behaves in most respects identically to the null allele in this system, with the exception that no heavy chain aggregates are found [4].
  • This suggests that sqh mutant phenotypes are chiefly caused by sequestration of myosin into inactive aggregates [5].
  • These findings suggest that increased levels of RLC phosphorylation do not contribute to disruption of the actomyosin hexagonal array [6].
  • Although immunolocalization can only suggest possible function, these myosin localizations and the coincident changes in cell morphology are consistent with a key role for non-muscle myosin in powering cellularization and gastrulation during embryogenesis [7].

Anatomical context of sqh

  • In addition, numerous aggregates of myosin heavy chain accumulate in the sqh null cells [4].
  • Although activated PAK does not disrupt the actomyosin cytoskeleton, it induces increased levels of Ser21 phosphorylated RLC [6].
  • At the syncytial blastoderm stage, myosin is found within cytoskeletal caps associated with the somatic nuclei at the embryonic surface [7].
  • During cellularization, myosin is concentrated around the furrow canals that form the leading margin of the plasma membrane as it plunges inward to package each somatic nucleus into a columnar epithelial cell [7].
  • In the preblastoderm embryo, myosin is localized to the egg cortex, sub-cortical arrays of inclusions, and, diffusely, the yolk-free periplasm [7].

Associations of sqh with chemical compounds

  • Here we show that the S. pombe myosin light chain Cdc4p is phosphorylated in vivo on either serine 2 or 6 but not both [8].

Enzymatic interactions of sqh

  • The I(20)/I(10) equatorial intensity ratio of the mutant fly is 35% less than that of wild type, supporting the hypothesis that myosin heads that lack phosphorylated RLC remain close to the thick filament backbone [9].

Regulatory relationships of sqh


Other interactions of sqh


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sqh

  • Although these regulators act to promote stable myosin accumulation and apical cell constriction, loss-of-function phenotypes for each of these pathway members is not equivalent, suggesting the existence of additional ventral furrow regulators [12].


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