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Gene Review

tum  -  tumbleweed

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 13345, AcGAP, CG13345, DRacGAP, Dmel\CG13345, ...
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High impact information on RacGAP50C


Biological context of RacGAP50C


Anatomical context of RacGAP50C


Other interactions of RacGAP50C

  • Two mutant lines that modify wg-mediated epidermal patterning represent the first loss-of-function mutations in the RacGap50C gene [4].
  • Only one RacGAP protein, RnRacGAP, has been identified in Drosophila [7].
  • Cellular studies have shown that RacGAP proteins function as negative regulators of substrate Rac proteins which, in turn, control the localization and polymerization state of actin within the cell [8].


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