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Gene Review

RacGAP84C  -  Rac GTPase activating protein at 84C

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG2595, Dmel\CG2595, GAP84C, GTPase-activating protein RacGAP84C, P1.7, ...
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Disease relevance of RacGAP84C

  • Since rotundRacGAP deletion leads to male sterility in the fruit fly, the mgcRacGAP gene may prove likewise to play a key role in mammalian male fertility [1].

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Biological context of RacGAP84C


Anatomical context of RacGAP84C


Physical interactions of RacGAP84C

  • Similarly, in yeast, RotundRacGAP interacts specifically with Drac1 and Dcdc42, as well as with their activated V12 forms, showing a particularly strong interaction with Dcdc42V12 [7].

Regulatory relationships of RacGAP84C

  • To examine RnRacGAP function, we generated transgenic strains expressing RnRacGAP under the control of the heat-shock promoter hsp70 [2].

Other interactions of RacGAP84C


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