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Gene Review

scb  -  scab

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG8095, CT21280, CT36929, Dm0620, Dmel\CG8095, ...
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Psychiatry related information on scb


High impact information on scb

  • The Volado gene is expressed preferentially in mushroom body cells, which are neurons known to mediate olfactory learning in insects [2].
  • Thus the Volado integrin is essential for the physiological processes underlying memory [2].
  • Volado proteins are concentrated in the mushroom body neuropil, brain areas that contain mushroom body processes in synaptic contact with other neurons [2].
  • Conditional expression of a Volado transgene during adulthood rescues the memory impairment [2].
  • Having generated the tools to eliminate integrin function completely, we confirm that Drosophila integrins do not control proliferation as they do in mammals, and have identified alphaPS3 as a heterodimeric partner for betanu [3].

Biological context of scb

  • We report the temporal expression of the gene encoding this integrin subunit, which we have called alphaPS3, throughout development and the localization of its expression during embryogenesis [4].

Anatomical context of scb


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