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Gene Review

Pcl  -  Polycomblike

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG5109, Dmel\CG5109, PCL, Polycomb protein Pcl, Polycomblike protein, ...
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High impact information on Pcl


Biological context of Pcl


Physical interactions of Pcl

  • These results place the Pcl complex (PCLC) downstream of Pho and/or Phol and upstream of PRC2 and PRC1 in the recruitment hierarchy [5].

Other interactions of Pcl

  • Asx and Pcl mutants show derepression of the targets only in specific cell types [6].
  • Coimmunoprecipitation and gel filtration experiments demonstrate in vivo association of PCL with E(Z) and ESC in Drosophila embryos [4].
  • Using yeast two-hybrid and in vitro binding assays, we show that E(Z) binds directly to another PcG protein, Polycomblike (PCL) [4].
  • The results of clonal analysis experiments indicate that, at least for the BX-C, Pcl+ exerts this control until late in development [7].


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