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Gene Review

edl  -  ETS-domain lacking

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG15085, Dmel\CG15085, EDL, Edl, MAE, ...
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High impact information on edl


Biological context of edl


Anatomical context of edl

  • The loss of EDL/MAE function results in reduced number of photoreceptor neurons and chordotonal organs, suggesting a positive role in the induction by Spitz EGF [4].

Physical interactions of edl

  • Mae binding to Pnt-P2 occludes this docking surface, thereby acting to downregulate Pnt-P2 activity [5].

Regulatory relationships of edl

  • We propose that EDL/MAE blocks autocrine activation of Pointed P2 so that inducing cells remain induction-competent [4].

Other interactions of edl

  • We describe developmental roles of a novel negative regulator of Ras signaling, EDL/MAE, a protein with an Ets-specific Pointed domain but not an ETS DNA-binding domain [4].
  • Derepression by depolymerization; structural insights into the regulation of Yan by Mae [1].


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