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Gene Review

nrg1  -  neuregulin 1

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: NRG-1, heregulin, nrg1-A
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High impact information on nrg1-A


Biological context of nrg1-A


Anatomical context of nrg1-A

  • Two transcripts encoding CRD-NRG-1, approximately 7.5 and approximately 9.0 kb, were revealed in adult brain and spinal cord, but the expression in muscle was below the detectable level [1].
  • Although the primary source of neuregulin is derived from motor neuron, the expression in muscle has also been demonstrated [2].
  • These data strongly suggest that neuregulin plays an important role in mesoderm induction [3].
  • Neuregulin could induce the ectopic expression of mesoderm specific gene Xbra in animal cap explants reared to the midgastrula stage, when animal caps dissected from late blastula were cultured with Neuregulin at a low concentration (10 ng/ml) [3].
  • Neuregulin induces the expression of mesodermal genes in the ectoderm of Xenopus laevis [3].

Associations of nrg1-A with chemical compounds

  • The AChR-inducing activity of CRD-NRG-1 was precipitated by anti-NRG-1 antibody but not by heparin [1].

Other interactions of nrg1-A


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nrg1-A

  • The temporal expression pattern of neuregulin during the early developmental stages was analyzed by RT-PCR in order to determine if neuregulin is expressed at the time of mesoderm induction [3].


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