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Gene Review

lqf  -  liquid facets

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 0110/27, CG8532, Dmel\CG8532, E(faf)bE25, Epsin, ...
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High impact information on lqf


Biological context of lqf

  • The liquid facets locus encodes epsin, a vertebrate protein associated with the clathrin endocytosis complex [4].
  • Using this endocytic defect in lqf mutants, we develop a transgene rescue assay and perform a structure/function analysis of Lqf [5].

Anatomical context of lqf

  • Epsins are modular and have an N-terminal ENTH (epsin N-terminal homology) domain that binds PIP(2) at the cell membrane and four different classes of protein-protein interaction motifs [5].

Physical interactions of lqf

  • The ubiquitin-interacting motifs target the endocytic adaptor protein epsin for ubiquitination [6].

Enzymatic interactions of lqf

  • Alternatively Epsin may be required to target mono-ubiquitinated DSL proteins to a particular subclass of coated pits that have special properties essential for Notch activation [3].

Other interactions of lqf


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