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Gene Review

neur  -  neuralized

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 0328/12, 0971/15, 1293/09, 1315/05, BEST:LD21494, ...
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Disease relevance of neur


High impact information on neur

  • Here, we describe a Numb- and Neuralized-independent mechanism that acts redundantly in cell-fate specification [2].
  • Delta, mastermind, bigbrain, and neuralized appear to function in elaboration of a signal upstream of Notch [3].
  • The Drosophila neuralized gene encodes a C3HC4 zinc finger [4].
  • Other tissues that express neuralized include the embryonic mesoderm and specific follicle cells in the ovary [5].
  • Neur is required in a cell-autonomous fashion to restrict R8 and other photoreceptor fates and is involved in lateral inhibition of interommatidial bristles but is not required for induction of the cone cell fate [6].

Biological context of neur


Anatomical context of neur

  • Here, we show that Neu is required at the plasma membrane for functional activity and that its RING finger domain acts as an E3 ubiquitin ligase [11].
  • In this model, Sna cell-autonomously represses sim expression in the mesoderm and relieves Su(H)-dependent repression in a cell non-autonomous fashion by promoting the Neur-dependent endocytosis of Delta in the mesoderm [12].
  • In addition, female Neuralized null animals are defective in the final stages of mammary gland maturation during pregnancy [1].
  • Male Neuralized null mice, however, are sterile due to a defect in axoneme organization in the spermatozoa that leads to highly compromised tail movement and sperm immotility [1].
  • The development of the endoderm (midgut rudiments) is disrupted in most of the neurogenic mutations (Notch, Delta, Enhancer of split and neuralized) during at least two stages [13].

Associations of neur with chemical compounds

  • Substitution of valine by glutamic acid in the transmembrane domain, in a position analogous to the oncogenic mutation in the rat neu gene, elevated the in vivo kinase activity of DER in Drosophila Schneider cells sevenfold [14].
  • It has been observed that in female CBA, SHR, SAM and transgenic HER-2/neu mice long-term administration of melatonin was followed by an increase in the mean life span [15].
  • We show that interactions between phosphoinositides and Neuralized contribute to the membrane localization of Neuralized in the absence of Delta, and that the phosphoinositide-binding motif is required for Neuralized to endocytose Delta downstream of Delta ubiquitination [16].

Other interactions of neur

  • Interestingly, the Neur-mediated endocytosis of Delta has recently been shown to be sufficient for the non-autonomous activation of Notch target genes in wing imaginal discs [12].
  • We propose that inhibition of Neur by Brd proteins is important for precise spatial regulation of Dl signaling [17].
  • We conclude that D-mib and Neur are two structurally distinct proteins that have similar molecular activities but distinct developmental functions in Drosophila [18].
  • Neuralized functions as an E3 ubiquitin ligase during Drosophila development [11].
  • The roles of cis-inactivation by Notch ligands and of neuralized during eye and bristle patterning in Drosophila [19].


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