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Gene Review

faf  -  fat facets

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BcDNA.LD22582, BcDNA:LD22582, CG1945, Deubiquitinating enzyme FAF, Dmel\CG1945, ...
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High impact information on faf


Biological context of faf

  • Fat facets is a Drosophila deubiquitinating enzyme required for eye development and early embryogenesis [6].
  • In a screen for mutations affecting Drosophila eye development, we have identified a gene called fat facets (faf) which is required for cell interactions that prevent particular cells in the developing eye from becoming photoreceptors [5].
  • Fat facets belongs to a class of deubiquitinating enzymes called Ubps that share a conserved catalytic domain [7].
  • In a mutagenesis screen for suppressors of the fat facets (faf) mutant eye phenotype, we identified mutations in DNAprim [8].
  • We show that while flies lacking DNAprim activity are lethal, flies with reduced DNAprim activity display morphological defects in their eyes, and unlike faf mutants, cell cycle abnormalities in larval eye discs [8].

Anatomical context of faf

  • Prominent among these proteins was the ubiquitin-specific protease Fat facets (FAF), a pole plasm component [7], but one whose roles in posterior patterning and germ line specification have remained unclear [9].

Regulatory relationships of faf


Other interactions of faf

  • We found no genetic evidence to support a role for either Canoe or Armadillo in the essential Fat facets pathways in Drosophila eye development [6].
  • Consistently, the protein level of at least one component of the Ras signal transduction pathway, the transcription factor D-Jun, is elevated in faf eye discs at the time when the ectopic photoreceptors are induced [10].


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