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Gene Review

ccnb1.2  -  cyclin B1

Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis

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High impact information on MGC76039


Biological context of MGC76039

  • Microinjection of Xenopus oocytes with in vitro-synthesized RNAs encoding Xenopus cyclin B1 or cyclin B2 induces the progression of meiosis, characterized by germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD) [6].
  • Degradation of cyclin B via ubiquitin-proteasome pathway seemed to be absolutely required for the M-phase exit [7].
  • To test the hypothesis that the delays in mitotic entry in CSF extracts were due to increases in cyclin B thresholds, we employed interphase extracts, which are driven into mitosis by the addition of recombinant cyclin B in a nonlinear (threshold) dose-response [8].
  • However, inhibition of the proteasome proteolytic activity upon the exit from the meiotic metaphase II-arrest in Xenopus cell-free extract revealed that the proteasome-dependent dissociation of cyclin B from CDK1 is sufficient to inactivate MPF without cyclin B degradation [7].

Associations of MGC76039 with chemical compounds

  • Alternatively, the addition of exogenous Aurora-A or Inhibitor-2 lowered the concentration of cyclin B that triggered CDK activation [8].
  • Stimulation with progesterone initiates a nontranscriptional signaling pathway that culminates in the activation of Cdc2/cyclin B and reentry into meiosis [9].


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