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Gene Review

ccnb1  -  cyclin B1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: SO:0000704, cb267, ccnb, cycb, cycb1, ...
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High impact information on ccnb1

  • Translational activation of dormant cyclin B1 mRNA stored in oocytes is a prerequisite for the initiation or promotion of oocyte maturation in many vertebrates [1].
  • This 137-kDa protein binds to the region including the sequence UGUA at nucleotides 1335-1338 in the 3'-untranslated region of cyclin B1 mRNA, which is close to but does not overlap the cytoplasmic polyadenylation elements (CPEs) [1].
  • Conversely, disturbance of the aggregation of cyclin B mRNA with a low concentration (1 microg/ml) of cytochalasin B inhibited 17alpha,20beta-DP-induced GVBD [2].
  • Cytochalasin B, but not nocodazole or taxol, deformed the aggregation of cyclin B mRNA, indicating the involvement of microfilaments in organizing this form [2].
  • These results, which are identical to those in goldfish, strongly suggest that cyclin B is synthesized from stored (masked) mRNA after 17alpha,20beta-DP stimulation and that its binding to the preexisting cdc2 allows cdk7 to activate MPF [3].

Biological context of ccnb1


Associations of ccnb1 with chemical compounds

  • The time courses of the change in germinal vesicle breakdown and an intracellular molecular event (the synthesis of cyclin B) induced by TAM were indistinguishable from those induced by MIH [5].

Other interactions of ccnb1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ccnb1


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