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Gene Review

RGMA  -  RGM domain family, member A

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of RGMA


High impact information on RGMA

  • Recombinant RGM at low nanomolar concentration induces collapse of temporal but not of nasal growth cones and guides temporal retinal axons in vitro, demonstrating its repulsive and axon-specific guiding activity [2].
  • Here we report the cloning and functional characterization of a membrane-associated glycoprotein, which we call RGM (repulsive guidance molecule) [2].
  • Thus neogenin is a dependence receptor inducing cell death in the absence of RGM, whereas the presence of RGM inhibits this effect [3].
  • To understand the functions of RGM-neogenin complexes in vivo, we used gene transfer technology to perturb their expression in the developing neural tube of chick embryos [3].
  • The avoidance of chick RGM in the posterior optic tectum by growing temporal, but not nasal, retinal ganglion cell axons is thought to contribute to visual map formation [1].

Biological context of RGMA

  • Surprisingly, neogenin over-expression or RGM down-expression in the neural tube induces apoptosis [3].
  • Here, an expression cloning strategy identified neogenin as a binding site for RGM, with a sub-nanomolar affinity [1].

Anatomical context of RGMA


Physical interactions of RGMA

  • Thus, RGM/neogenin is a novel dependence ligand/receptor couple as well as an axon guidance molecular complex [5].


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