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Gene Review

NEO1  -  neogenin 1

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of NEO1

  • Dorsal root ganglion axons are unresponsive to RGM but are converted to a responsive state by neogenin expression [1].
  • Neogenin, an avian cell surface protein expressed during terminal neuronal differentiation, is closely related to the human tumor suppressor molecule deleted in colorectal cancer [2].

High impact information on NEO1


Biological context of NEO1

  • Surprisingly, neogenin over-expression or RGM down-expression in the neural tube induces apoptosis [3].
  • These parallels suggest that neogenin, like DCC, is functionally involved in the transition from cell proliferation to terminal differentiation of specific cell types [2].
  • We showed previously that RGMa is a cell-survival factor in the neuroepithelium of chick embryos that suppresses the proapoptotic activity of its receptor neogenin [4].
  • Neogenin is also expressed in other embryonic tissues, suggesting a more general role in developmental processes such as tissue growth regulation, cell-cell recognition, and cell migration [5].

Anatomical context of NEO1


Physical interactions of NEO1

  • Thus, RGM/neogenin is a novel dependence ligand/receptor couple as well as an axon guidance molecular complex [6].

Other interactions of NEO1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NEO1

  • As revealed by antibody staining of tissue sections and Western blots, neogenin expression correlates with the onset of neuronal differentiation [2].


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