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Gene Review

VSX2  -  visual system homeobox 2

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on CHX10

  • In addition to activating expression of RPE-specific genes, the extraocular mesenchyme inhibits the expression of the neural retina-specific transcription factor Chx10 and downregulates the eye-specific transcription factors Pax6 and Optx2 [1].
  • The territory lacking amacrine cells showed downregulation of transcription factors necessary for amacrine cell differentiation, such as Pax6 and AP2alpha, accompanied by ectopic expression of transcription factors associated with the development of horizontal or bipolar neurons, such as Prox1, Chx10 and NeuroM [2].
  • However, no coexpression is observed between the two GATA proteins and CHX10 [3].
  • We show that both proteins are expressed by a distinct subpopulation of ventral interneurons that share the same dorsoventral position as CHX10-positive V2 interneurons [3].
  • Chx10 and Chx10-1 are expressed in the early retinal neuroepithelium, but not in the pigment epithelium and lens [4].


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