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Gene Review

proB  -  gamma-glutamyl kinase

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of proB

  • E. coli G5K presents a novel tetrameric (dimer of dimers) architecture [1].

High impact information on proB

  • Glutamate 5-kinase (G5K) makes the highly unstable product glutamyl 5-phosphate (G5P) in the initial, controlling step of proline/ornithine synthesis, being feedback-inhibited by proline or ornithine, and causing, when defective, clinical hyperammonaemia [1].
  • A Novel Two-domain Architecture Within the Amino Acid Kinase Enzyme Family Revealed by the Crystal Structure of Escherichia coli Glutamate 5-kinase [1].
  • Microbial G5K generally consists of one amino acid kinase (AAK) and one PUA (named after pseudo uridine synthases and archaeosine-specific transglycosylases) domain [2].
  • When speF (which encodes ornithine decarboxylase) and proB (which encodes gamma-glutamyl kinase) were inactivated to prevent the conversion of L: -ornithine to putrescine and to block the biosynthesis of a side branch of L: -ornithine, respectively, L: -ornithine production was further enhanced approxi [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of proB


Associations of proB with chemical compounds

  • Glutamate-5-kinase (G5K) catalyzes the first step of proline (and, in mammals, ornithine) biosynthesis [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of proB


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