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Gene Review

hsdS  -  EcoKI restriction-modification system...

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of hsdS

  • The Sau1 type I restriction-modification system is found on the chromosome of all nine sequenced strains of Staphylococcus aureus and includes a single hsdR (restriction) gene and two copies of hsdM (modification) and hsdS (sequence specificity) genes [1].
  • The primary structures of the recognition subunit (hsdS) in type I restriction enzymes from three isolates of Escherichia coli were compared and aligned by use of amino acid physical properties [2].
  • However, significant differences in the organization and structure of the hsdS genes in both these systems suggests that, if functional, they would possess recognition sites that differ from the gonococcus and from themselves [3].
  • For the efficient expression of the hsdS gene, a BglII fragment of phage lambda carrying the pR promoter was inserted into the BamHI site of the hybrid plasmid [4].
  • Inactivation of the hsdS gene by the insertion of the lambda phage BglII fragment into the BglII site within this gene resulted in the disappearance of the trans-dominant effect [4].

High impact information on hsdS

  • Our data support a model in which, as a consequence of the interaction of Ral with either the hsdM or the hsdS polypeptide, the conformation of the enzyme is changed and the efficiency of methylation of unmodified target sites is enhanced [5].
  • It is identical to the wt hsdS sequence (GenBank/EMBL accession number ECHSDK LV00288), except for a single base-pair transition C1245----T [6].
  • Transposon mutagenesis was used to locate the positions of the hsdR, hsdM, and hsdS genes on the cloned fragments in conjunction with complementation tests for gene function [7].
  • An Escherichia coli K12 chromosomal EcoRI-BamHI fragment containing a mutant hsdS locus was cloned into plasmid pBR322 [4].


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