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Gene Review

MTNR1A  -  melatonin receptor 1A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MEL-1A-R, MT1, Mel-1A-R, Mel1a receptor, Melatonin receptor type 1A
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Disease relevance of MTNR1A


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Biological context of MTNR1A


Associations of MTNR1A with chemical compounds

  • Dissociation constants for competition of 11 partial agonists and antagonist for 2-[125I]-iodomelatonin binding were between 15.5 (luzindole, pKi: 7.7) to 362 (4-phenyl-2-chloroacetamidotetraline, pKi: 9.1) fold higher for the Mel1b than for the Mel1a melatonin receptor [10].


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