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Gene Review

MYO1A  -  myosin IA

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BBM-I, BBMI, Brush border myosin I, DFNA48, MIHC, ...
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Disease relevance of MYO1A

  • Brush border myosin-I truncated in the motor domain impairs the distribution and the function of endocytic compartments in an hepatoma cell line [1].
  • Higher BBMI was predictive of a lower long-term weight gain, while dose was not a significant predictor of greater longer term weight change [2].

High impact information on MYO1A

  • In contrast, arcs and rings contained no apparent enrichment of microtubules, brush border myosin-I immunogens, or myosin-V [3].
  • MYO1A, which is located within the DFNA48 locus, is the first myosin I family member found to be involved in causing deafness and may be a major contributor to autosomal dominant-hearing loss [4].
  • Here, we report the identification of a nonsense mutation, of a trinucleotide insertion leading to an addition of an amino acid, and of six missense mutations in MYO1A cDNA sequence in a group of hearing-impaired patients from Italy [4].
  • Multiple mutations of MYO1A, a cochlear-expressed gene, in sensorineural hearing loss [4].
  • We determined the rates for ATP binding to BBM-I and brush border actomyosin-I (actoBBM-I), the rate of actoBBM-I dissociation by ATP, and the rates for the steps in ADP dissociation from actoBBM-I [5].

Biological context of MYO1A

  • To analyze whether a myosin was involved in endocytosis, we produced, in this polarized cell line, truncated, non-functional, brush border, myosin I proteins (BBMI) that we have previously demonstrated to have a dominant negative effect on endocytosis of unpolarized cells [6].

Anatomical context of MYO1A


Other interactions of MYO1A


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MYO1A

  • Baseline body mass index (BBMI; kg/m2) and dose (mg/day) were investigated as predictors of long-term weight change experienced during olanzapine treatment [2].


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