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Gene Review

fgf8  -  fibroblast growth factor 8 (androgen-induced)

Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis

Synonyms: FGF-8, Xfgf-8, Xfgf8, aigf, fgf-8b, ...
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High impact information on fgf8

  • On the other hand, shh expression was not detected in the froglet blastema, which expresses fgf8 and msx1 [1].
  • However, neither fgf-10 nor fgf-8 is reexpressed after amputation of a nonregenerative limb [2].
  • Nevertheless, nonregenerative epidermal tissue can reexpress fgf-8 under the influence of regenerative mesenchyme, as was demonstrated by experiments using a recombinant limb composed of regenerative limb mesenchyme and nonregenerative limb epidermis [2].
  • Before the formation of multiple digits, a patchy expression pattern of fgf-8, an AER marker, was observed in the distal region of recombinant limb buds. shh, a ZPA (zone of polarizing activity) marker, was expressed broadly in the distal region of recombinants [3].
  • Furthermore, activity of Neptune was necessary for the endogenous expression of brachyury and fgf-8 at the late gastrula stage [4].

Anatomical context of fgf8

  • This study looked at Xbf-1 and Fgf-8 expression in combination with embryonic grafting experiments and also used beads containing the recombinant Fgf-8 protein to determine these factors' effects upon forebrain patterning events [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of fgf8

  • We show that the spike formation in a Xenopus froglet is nerve dependent as is limb regeneration in urodeles, since denervation concomitant with amputation is sufficient to inhibit the initiation of blastema formation and fgf8 expression in the epidermis [1].


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