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Gene Review

INSIG2  -  insulin induced gene 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: INSIG-2, Insulin-induced gene 2 protein
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Disease relevance of INSIG2

  • We used a dense whole-genome scan of DNA samples from the Framingham Heart Study participants to identify a common genetic variant near the INSIG2 gene associated with obesity [1].
  • Gene silencing experiments confirmed that INSIG1, but not INSIG2, regulates the expression of sterol regulatory element-binding proteins target genes in human hepatoma cells [2].

High impact information on INSIG2


Biological context of INSIG2


Anatomical context of INSIG2

  • Insig-2, a second endoplasmic reticulum protein that binds SCAP and blocks export of sterol regulatory element-binding proteins [9].
  • Sterol-dependent ubiquitination of reductase in permeabilized cells is dependent upon exogenous cytosol, ATP, and either Insig-1 or Insig-2, two membrane-bound ER proteins shown previously to mediate sterol regulation of reductase degradation in intact cells [10].

Associations of INSIG2 with chemical compounds

  • When Glu-214 is changed to alanine, Insig-2 becomes ubiquitinated, but it is still not degraded as rapidly as ubiquitinated Insig-1 [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of INSIG2

  • (Reports, 14 April 2006, p. 279) found that the rs7566605 genetic variant, located upstream of the INSIG2 gene, was consistently associated with increased body mass index [11].


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