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Gene Review

DCDC2  -  doublecortin domain containing 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DCDC2A, Doublecortin domain-containing protein 2, KIAA1154, Protein RU2S, RU2, ...
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Psychiatry related information on DCDC2


High impact information on DCDC2

  • It is encoded by an antisense transcript, RU2AS, which starts from a cryptic promoter located on the reverse strand of the first intron and ends up on the reverse strand of the RU2S promoter, which contains a polyadenylation signal [2].
  • We searched for linkage disequilibrium (LD) in 137 triads with dyslexia, using markers that span the most-replicated dyslexia susceptibility region on 6p21-p22, and found association between the disease and markers within the VMP/DCDC2/KAAG1 locus [1].
  • Detailed refinement of the LD region, involving sequencing and genotyping of additional markers, showed significant association within DCDC2 in single-marker and haplotype analyses [1].
  • By saturating a previously identified peak of association with single nucleotide polymorphism markers, we identified a large polymorphic deletion that encodes tandem repeats of putative brain-related transcription factor binding sites in intron 2 of DCDC2 [3].
  • RT-PCR data show that DCDC2 localizes to the regions of the brain where fluent reading occurs, and RNA interference studies show that down-regulation alters neuronal migration [3].

Anatomical context of DCDC2


Other interactions of DCDC2


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