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Gene Review

HTGS  -  Hypertriglyceridemia, familial

Homo sapiens

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High impact information on HTGS

  • Nevertheless, approximately 10% of myeloma-expressed sequences matched only entries in the database of Expressed Sequence Tags (dbEST) or the high-throughput genomic sequence (htgs) database [1].
  • Database searches with YAC content sequences identified two overlapping high throughput genomic sequencing phase (HTGS) entries which contained sequences homologous to the murine cng6 gene encoding the putative beta-subunit of the cone photoreceptor cGMP-gated channel [2].
  • ARHGAP12 is located in chromosome 10pter-cen and consists of 20 exons according to the Blastn result against high throughput genomic sequences (htgs) [3].
  • EST and HTGS databases were searched for orthologs of ELOVL4 [4].
  • An HERV-H env SU sequence (HERV-H19) was used to screen the high-throughput (htgs) and nonredundant (nr) databases for other HERV-H SU open reading frames (ORFs) and thus possible functional proteins [5].

Biological context of HTGS

  • Utilizing these BAC sequences in addition to mouse VNO receptor sequences, we screened the High Throughput Genome Sequence (HTGS) database to find additional human putative VNO receptor genes [6].
  • Analysis of the high-throughput genomic sequence (HTGS) database revealed that hPEPT1 and hPEPT1-RF are splice variants encoded by the same gene located in chromosome 13, consisting of 24 exons. hPEPT1 is encoded by 23 exons and hPEPT1-RF by 6 exons [7].
  • According to the genomic sequence from the HTGS database, the ZNF268 gene is assigned to human chromosome 5 [8].
  • With the aid of the htgs and dbEST databases, a novel cytochrome P450 cDNA was found by homology searches, and the corresponding gene was identified on chromosome 19 [9].

Other interactions of HTGS

  • The SULT1B1 gene sequence is part of a sequence entry in the unfinished High-Throughput Genomic Sequences (HTGS) division of GenBank [10].


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