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Gene Review

Nisch  -  nischarin

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 1200007D05Rik, 3202002H23Rik, AW494485, I-1, I1R, ...
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High impact information on Nisch


Biological context of Nisch

  • Overexpression of Nischarin markedly reduces alpha5beta1-dependent cell migration in several cell types [2].
  • Equally important, the Nischarin ODNs eliminated the production of MAPK(p42/44), a recognized signal transduction product generated by I1-receptor activation in differentiated PC12 cells [4].
  • Nischarin and IRAS share the functions of enhancing cell survival, growth and migration [4].
  • Bioinformatics modeling indicates that the IRAS and Nischarin may be transmembrane proteins and the convergence information raises the interesting possibility that Nischarin might serve as the I1-receptor [4].

Associations of Nisch with chemical compounds

  • Nischarin, a novel intracellular protein, was originally identified as a binding partner for the alpha5beta1 integrin [1].
  • To test this hypothesis, we developed antibodies against the Nischarin protein, and conducted signal transduction (functional) studies with the I1-receptor agonist rilmenidine in the presence and absence of Nischarin antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) [4].


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