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Gene Review

SRMS  -  src-related kinase lacking C-terminal...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: C20orf148, SRM, Tyrosine-protein kinase Srms, dJ697K14.1
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Psychiatry related information on SRMS

  • Pattern (PRM) and spatial recognition (SRM), spatial span (SSP), spatial working memory (SWM), and paired associate learning (PAL) from Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery were performed twice [1].
  • Significant predictors of risk behavior change included timeline, identity, and self-efficacy from the SRM; sexual impulse (a barrier) from the HBM; and attitudes about the behaviors from the AFM [2].

High impact information on SRMS

  • The qualitative analysis of the extracts shows that the developed methods allow for the identification of arsenicals which were not detectable by ICPMS.It was also demonstrated that the signal suppression caused by matrix effects means a significant limitation in the quantification of arsenicals by ES-SRM detection [3].
  • The matrixes included 2 natural water samples [National Institute of Standards and Technology Standard Reference Material (NIST SRM) 1643e and NIST SRM 1640], 1 fortified standard solution (TMDA-64), 1 fortified water sample (TM-DWS), and 2 seawater samples (CASS-4 and NASS-5) [4].
  • Two independently developed liquid chromatography (LC) methods for the quantitative determination of biotin in multivitamin/multielement tablets (NIST Standard Reference Material 3280 (SRM 3280)) are described [5].
  • This method has been applied to determine As and Se in NIST SRM 2709 San Joaquin soil reference material and NIST SRM 2781 domestic sludge reference material and a farmland soil sample collected locally [6].
  • Power output was recorded using a Polar S710 heart rate monitor and power sensor kit and an SRM Powercrank system for each test [7].

Associations of SRMS with chemical compounds

  • Both methods yield highly comparable results for the mean level of biotin (LC/MS = 26.5 mg/kg +/- 0.3 mg/kg (n = 12); LC/ELSD = 24.7 mg/kg +/- 1.7 mg/kg (n = 12)) in SRM 3280, yet the methods differ considerably in their analytical characteristics [5].
  • The accuracy was confirmed by cadmium determination in the standard reference material, NIST SRM 1643d trace elements in natural water [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SRMS

  • The results demonstrate that the developed HPLC/ES-SRM methods are powerful approaches for the identification of organoarsenic species in crude sample extracts [3].


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