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Gene Review

TLE2  -  transducin-like enhancer of split 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ESG, ESG2, Enhancer of split groucho-like protein 2, FLJ41188, GRG2, ...
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Disease relevance of TLE2

  • These included 72 controls (C), 659 early and suspect open angle glaucoma (ESG) with perimetric mean defect (MD) lower than 6 dB, and 242 confirmed moderate and advanced glaucomas (AG) with perimetric MD >/=6 dB [1].
  • Thirty subjects affected with multiple sclerosis, of which 22 were female and eight male, with an average of 30 +/- 7, years were studied, for a period of 10-15 months,. clinically using Kurtzkes' report form, neurophysiologically (responses tested: VEP, BAEP, SEP, ESG) and immunologically (Rosette Et, Ea, EAC) [2].

High impact information on TLE2

  • Remarkably, this repression domain interacts specifically with hGrg, TLE1, and TLE2 proteins, all of which are members of the Groucho family of transcriptional corepressors [3].
  • Database searches of genomic sequences revealed an identical set of Tle paralogues being present in distantly related fish species, indicating duplicated Tle2 and Tle3 genes for the complete teleost lineage [4].
  • On the modeling of breath-by-breath oxygen uptake kinetics at the onset of high-intensity exercises: simulated annealing vs. GRG2 method [5].
  • In contrast, later stages correlate with up-regulation of TLE2 and TLE4, and decreased expression of TLE1 [6].

Anatomical context of TLE2


Regulatory relationships of TLE2

  • TLE1 is up-regulated and TLE2 and TLE4 are down-regulated to different extents during early stages of differentiation [6].


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