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Gene Review

rbcL  -  RuBisCO large subunit

Nicotiana tabacum

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High impact information on rbcL

  • rbcL Transcript levels in tobacco plastids are independent of light: reduced dark transcription rate is compensated by increased mRNA stability [1].
  • This finding indicates that lower rates of rbcL transcription in the dark are compensated by increased mRNA stability [1].
  • To identify regulatory elements outside of the rbcL -10/-35 promoter core, we constructed transplastomic tobacco plants with uidA reporter genes expressed from rbcL promoter derivatives [1].
  • In addition, the accumulation of chloroplast transcripts in these cells and/or tissues (e.g., transcripts for QB binding protein of photosystem II [psbA] and large subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase [rbcL]) was negatively correlated with the accumulation of CND41 [2].
  • Efficient recombination between atpB repeats deletes the intervening foreign genes and 1,984 bp of plastid DNA (co-ordinates 57,424-59,317) containing the rbcL gene [3].

Biological context of rbcL

  • Modulation of photosynthetic electron transport in the absence of terminal electron acceptors: characterization of the rbcL deletion mutant of tobacco [4].
  • The noncoding DNA region of the chloroplast genome, flanked by the genes rbcL and psaI (ORF36), has been sequenced for seven species of the grass family (Poaceae) [5].
  • A chloroplast DNA mutational hotspot and gene conversion in a noncoding region near rbcL in the grass family (Poaceae) [5].
  • To assess the feasibility of expressing non-green algal Rubiscos in higher-plant chloroplasts, we inserted the rbcLS operons from the rhodophyte Galdieria sulphuraria and the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum into the inverted repeats of the plastid genome of tobacco, leaving the tobacco rbcL gene unaltered [6].

Anatomical context of rbcL

  • On the other hand, an elevated level of plastid terminal oxidase and the lack of F0 'dark rise' in fluorescence measurements suggest an enhanced plastid terminal oxidase-mediated electron flow to O2 in Delta rbcL thylakoids [4].
  • Tobacco rbcL deletion mutant, which lacks the key enzyme Rubisco for photosynthetic carbon assimilation, was characterized with respect to thylakoid functional properties and protein composition [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of rbcL


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