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Gene Review

GPSC  -  gliosis, familial progressive subcortical

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of GPSC


Psychiatry related information on GPSC


High impact information on GPSC

  • Whole cell voltage-clamp recordings showed that the postsynaptic GABA(B) and depolarizing GABA components of the GPSC overlap substantially, allowing the GABA(B)-mediated hyperpolarization to suppress the excitation mediated by the depolarizing GABA component [4].
  • Further voltage-clamp recordings showed that CGP 55845A increased the duration of the depolarizing GABA component of the GPSC even when the GABA(B) component had already been blocked by internal QX-314, suggesting that CGP 55845A also increased the duration of GABA release [4].
  • To induce EAE, rats preimmunized with hsp-CNP peptide were challenged with guinea pig spinal cord (GPSC) emulsified in CFA [5].
  • These data indicate that the GABAD component of the GPSC is predominantly carried by HCO3-. While this result supports the recently propsed chloride accumulation model, the model in its present form cannot explain the inward current-outward current polarity sequence of the GPSC recorded with the high [Cl-]/low [HCO3-] intracellular solution [6].


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