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Brain Diseases, Metabolic

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  • However, even marginal protein dietary deficiency, when coupled with a carbohydrate-rich diet, depresses cerebral glucose utilization to a degree often seen in metabolic encephalopathies [8].
  • Thiamine deficiency impairs oxidative metabolism and causes metabolic encephalopathy [9].
  • L-Carnitine was tested as a potential therapeutic agent, since it has been used to treat a variety of experimental metabolic encephalopathies [10].
  • Generalized periodic suppression bursts and generalized periodic slow-wave complexes (GPSC) occurred in patients under anesthesia or drug intoxication, and with anoxic/metabolic encephalopathies [11].
  • Despite this fact, the small increase of [NH4+]o during metabolic encephalopathies will barely elevate [Cl-]i. However, an impairment of neuronal function may result because KCC2 provides a pathway to accumulate NH4+, and thereby, a continuous acid load to neurons [12].

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