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Gene Review

CYP98A3  -  cytochrome P450 98A3

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: T20B5.9, T20B5_9, cytochrome P450, family 98, polypeptide 3, ...
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High impact information on CYP98A3


Biological context of CYP98A3

  • In transgenic Arabidopsis, the promoters of CYP98A3 and C4H showed wound inducibility and a comparable developmental regulation throughout the life cycle, except in seeds, where the CYP98A3 promoter construct was inactive while remaining active in silique walls [3].
  • Finally, the mutant displays developmental defects and is subject to fungal attack, suggesting that phenylpropanoid pathway products downstream of REF8 may be required for normal plant development and disease resistance [4].

Associations of CYP98A3 with chemical compounds


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