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Gene Review

CA1  -  carbonic anhydrase 1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on CA1

  • They showed a sequence homology to dioscorin B and dioscorin A from Dioscorea alata, with 90 and 93% identity, respectively, and to carbonic anhydrase from Arabidopsis thaliana with about 45% identity [1].
  • The data suggest that the CA2 protein is an extrachloroplastic form of CA, presumably localized in the cytoplasm [2].
  • These data provide additional evidence that the CA2 clone is a full-length cDNA and that two transcribed CA genes are present in the Arabidopsis genome [2].
  • Nucleotide sequence of a gene encoding carbonic anhydrase in Arabidopsis thaliana [3].
  • The newly identified, possibly redox-regulated proteins include: violaxanthin de-epoxidase, two oxygen-evolving enhancer proteins, carbonic anhydrase, photosystem I reaction center subunit N, photosystem I subunit III, S-adenosyl-L-methionine carboxyl methyltransferase, guanylate kinase, and bacterial mutT homolog [4].

Biological context of CA1


Anatomical context of CA1


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