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Gene Review

RUB1  -  NEDD8 family protein RUB1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: NEDD8-like protein RUB1, Related to ubiquitin protein 1, Ubiquitin-like protein RUB1, YD9302.15C, YDR139C
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High impact information on RUB1

  • Our findings identify Rbx1 as a common component of enzyme systems responsible for ubiquitin and Rub1 modification of target proteins [1].
  • Two genes have been identified that are required for Rub1p conjugation to Cdc53p [2].
  • By analogy with Aos1p, we infer that Enr2p functions in a bipartite Rub1p-activating enzyme [2].
  • Conjugation of RUB1 is not essential for normal cell growth and appears to be selective for a small set of substrates [3].
  • NEDD8/Rub1 is the most homologous protein to ubiquitin among the ubiquitin-like proteins, and it is covalently linked to target proteins via the C-terminal glycine residue in a manner analogous to ubiquitylation [4].

Associations of RUB1 with chemical compounds

  • An rtt101 Delta strain was hypersensitive to thiabendazole, isopropyl ( N -3-chlorophenyl) carbamate and methyl methanesulphonate, but rub1 Delta strains were not [5].
  • These results suggest that this lysine residue is the site of Rub1p-dependent and -independent modifications in Rtt101p and of Rub1p-dependent modification in Cul3p [5].
  • Before protein conjugation, the carboxyl-terminal asparagine residue of Rub1p is removed [6].

Other interactions of RUB1


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