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Chemical Compound Review

Carbamat     carbamate

Synonyms: Karbamat, Carbamate ion, AG-L-17931, CHEBI:13941, CTK5D5764, ...
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Disease relevance of carbon dioxide


Psychiatry related information on carbon dioxide

  • Ganstigmine is an orally active, geneserine derived, carbamate-based acetylcholinesterase inhibitor developed for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease [6].
  • Compared with the same HFBA reaction in an organic solvent the derivatization reaction time was considerably shorter in SC-CO(2.) The described approach, combining both extraction and derivatization, simplifies the analysis of carbamate pesticides and eliminates the use of organic solvents associated with the derivatization step [7].
  • The colorimetric test of esterase activity is a useful tool to detect organophosphate and carbamate resistance in San Joaquin Valley California red scale because of its speed of testing over a wide range of months, allowing for within-season decision making by citrus growers [8].
  • Alterations of Aplysia feeding behavior following acute carbamate intoxication [9].
  • In the discussion, it is suggested that any organophosphate or carbamate pesticide and its antidote, atropine, may alter "attention" or "short-term memory" through effects on hippocampus at doses too low to induce grossly detectable peripheral symptomatology [10].

High impact information on carbon dioxide


Chemical compound and disease context of carbon dioxide


Biological context of carbon dioxide


Anatomical context of carbon dioxide

  • In intact mice, SCE levels induced by ethyl carbamate in bone marrow and alveolar macrophage cells were not significantly different whether assay followed the last of 12 (three times weekly) serial injections of 2.2 mmol/kg each or after a single injection of 2.2 mmol/kg [25].
  • Persistence of SCE-inducing DNA lesions was observed in blood, spleen, and parathymic node lymphocytes following the last of a series of 12 i.p. injections (three times weekly) of ethyl carbamate (2.2 mmol/kg) [21].
  • The present study was designed to test whether other N-unsubstituted carbamate esters of pharmacological interest (as sedatives, hypnotics, anxiolytics, and skeletal muscle relaxants) were capable of binding to CA in the same manner [23].
  • We have investigated the carbamate equilibrium of human adult hemoglobin, human cord blood hemoglobin, methemoglobin, and carbamylated hemoglobin using a stopped flow, rapid reaction pH apparatus described previously [26].
  • These cytoplasmic microtubules were entirely and reversibly disassembled by cold treatment and by either of two microtubule poisons: methyl benzimidazole carbamate and griseofulvin [27].

Associations of carbon dioxide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of carbon dioxide

  • These data show that multiple components of the cyclin D1/CDK4/p16(Ink4a)/pRb signaling pathway are frequently altered early in lung lesions of AJBL6 TGF-beta1 HT mice that are induced by ethyl carbamate as a function of progressive lung carcinogenesis, suggesting that components of this pathway may be potential targets for gene therapy [31].
  • High frequency of K-ras mutations in spontaneous and vinyl carbamate-induced lung tumors of relatively resistant B6CF1 (C57BL/6J x BALB/cJ) mice [32].
  • Both QDR1 and QDR2 were also implicated in yeast resistance to the herbicide barban (4-chloro-2-butynyl [3-chlorophenyl] carbamate), and the genes are functionally interchangeable with respect to both resistance phenotypes [33].
  • Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE), being sensitive to inhibition by some organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides, is a biomarker of toxic exposure [34].
  • Involvement of CYP2E1 and carboxylesterase enzymes in vinyl carbamate metabolism in human lung microsomes [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of carbon dioxide


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