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Gene Review

NUP84  -  Nup84p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Nuclear pore protein NUP84, Nucleoporin NUP84, YDL116W
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High impact information on NUP84


Biological context of NUP84


Physical interactions of NUP84

  • Moreover, we show that Nup157 and Nup145N bind to the heptameric Nup84 complex [6].
  • Unexpectedly, the same Nups also captured the hexameric Nup84p complex and Nup2p [7].

Other interactions of NUP84


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NUP84

  • A highly purified Nup84p complex was isolated from yeast under native conditions and its molecular mass was determined to be 375 kD by quantitative scanning transmission electron microscopy and analytical ultracentrifugation, consistent with a monomeric complex [9].
  • During the sequential reconstitution of the Nup84p complex, smaller assembly intermediates can be isolated, which exhibit modular structures determined by electron microscopy that finally make up the whole Y-shaped Nup84p complex [2].


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