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RNA Transport

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Disease relevance of RNA Transport

  • Thus, REBP displays the characteristics expected of an authentic mediator of Rev NES function and may play a role in RRE RNA transport during HIV infection [1].

High impact information on RNA Transport


Biological context of RNA Transport

  • To investigate how protein kinases can overcome this problem and maintain both high substrate affinities and high turnover rates, the phosphorylation of the yeast RNA transport protein Npl3 by its natural protein kinase, Sky1p, was evaluated [7].
  • In contrast, the mutant hnRNP A1 binding site, or binding sites for hnRNP C and L are unable to stimulate Rev-mediated RNA transport [8].
  • Taken together, these data demonstrate that nuclear export can be determined by positively acting peptide motifs, namely, NESs, and suggest that Rev proteins activate viral RNA transport by providing export ribonucleoproteins with specific information that targets them to the cytoplasm [9].
  • Tip interacts with the RNA transport factor Tap, with signal transduction and activation of transcription factors, and with the T-cellular tyrosine kinase Lck, which is activated by this interaction and phosphorylates Tip as a substrate [10].

Anatomical context of RNA Transport


Associations of RNA Transport with chemical compounds

  • Inhibiting protein synthesis with cycloheximide did not disrupt the differential mRNA sorting, demonstrating that the differential targeting of mRNAs is not dependent on translation [16].
  • However, SM also contains a repetitive segment rich in arginine and proline residues that is dispensable for its effects on RNA transport and splicing [17].
  • In this study, the activities of two other NE-associated enzymes, protein phosphokinase and phosphoprotein phosphohydrolase, also implicated in nuclear RNA transport, were investigated in the livers of rats that received a single tube feeding of tryptophan [18].
  • Modulation of RNA transport by polyvinylpyrrolidone [19].
  • It is concluded that nuclear PLA(2) plays a regulatory role in RNA transport, which can be antagonized by exogenous PC [20].

Gene context of RNA Transport

  • We also show that RanBP1 interacts with the mammalian homolog of yeast protein RNA1, a protein involved in RNA transport and processing [21].
  • RTE-mediated RNA transport was CRM1 independent, and RTE did not show high affinity for binding to mRNA export factor TAP/NXF1 [22].
  • The conserved structural characteristics of the BICD1 protein and its expression in muscle and especially brain suggest that BICD1 is a component of a cytoskeleton-based mRNA sorting mechanism conserved during evolution [23].
  • In addition to its involvement with apobec-1 editosome, the suggested cellular functions of GRY-RBD and its structural homologues include RNA transport and RNA secondary structure stabilization [24].
  • These studies indicate that the RNA transport function of eIF4E could contribute to leukemogenesis [25].


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