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Gene Review

pchR  -  transcriptional regulator PchR

Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

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Disease relevance of pchR


High impact information on pchR

  • We have identified a 32 bp conserved sequence element (PchR-box) in promoter regions of pyochelin-controlled genes and we show that the PchR-box in the pchR-pchDCBA intergenic region is essential for the induction of the pyochelin biosynthetic operon pchDCBA and the repression of the divergently transcribed pchR gene [2].
  • The biosynthetic genes pchDCBA and pchEF, which are known to be required for the formation of the siderophore pyochelin and its precursors salicylate and dihydroaeruginoate (Dha), are clustered with the pchR regulatory gene on the chromosome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa [3].
  • As was expected, the expression of fptA decreased dramatically following the inactivation of pchR by the insertion of an OmegaHg cartridge, although the effect (> 10-fold) was not as dramatic as that of pyochelin deficiency, which obviated fptA gene expression [4].
  • Insertional inactivation of pchR in a pyochelin-deficient (Pch-) background restored fptA expression to levels observed in the pyochelin-producing (Pch+) PchR- strain, suggesting that PchR represses fptA expression in the absence of pyochelin [4].
  • Nucleotide sequencing of the fragment revealed an open reading frame of 888 bp, designated pchR (pyochelin), capable of encoding a 296-amino-acid protein of a 32,339-Da molecular mass [1].

Biological context of pchR

  • Two related heptameric sequences, CGAGGAA and CGTGGAT, were identified upstream of the putative -35 region of both fptA and pchR and may function as a binding site for PchR [4].

Other interactions of pchR

  • The fptA mutant did not, however, exhibit a defect in pchR expression [4].


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