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Gene Review

TAF1A  -  TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MGC:17061, RAFI48, RNA polymerase I-specific TBP-associated factor 48 kDa, SL1, TAFI48, ...
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Disease relevance of TAF1A

  • The role of the SL1 stem in heterozygous virion formation was also tested; our results indicated that the intermolecular base pairing of the stem sequences does not affect RNA partner selection [1].
  • Furthermore, promyelocytic leukemia protein, RNA polymerase II (Pol II), and the Pol I-associated transcription factor SL1 could be precipitated together with hepatitis delta antigen, suggesting the association of HDV replication complex with the Pol I and Pol II transcription machineries [2].

High impact information on TAF1A

  • Column chromatography and glycerol gradient sedimentation indicate that a subpopulation of TBP copurifies with SL1 activity [3].
  • TAFI48 also alters the ability of TBP to interact with TATA box elements, and the resulting complex fails to support transcription by RNA polymerase II [4].
  • Thus, TAFI48 may function both as a target to mediate UBF activation and as a class-specific promoter selectivity factor [4].
  • In mammalian RNA polymerase I transcription, SL1, an assembly of TBP and associated factors (TAFs), is essential for preinitiation complex formation at ribosomal RNA gene promoters in vitro [5].
  • In the transcription of human rRNA genes by RNA Polymerase I (Pol I), transcription factor SL1 has a role as the essential core promoter binding factor [6].

Biological context of TAF1A


Other interactions of TAF1A

  • We have determined that the human genes TAF1A, TAF1B and TAF1C, encoding these three TAF(I) polypeptides, are localized at lq42, 2p25 and 16q24, respectively [12].
  • We also demonstrate by an in vitro protein-protein interaction assay that TBP directly interacts with the smallest TAF, TAFI48 [7].


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