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Gene Review

ORF2a'  -  minor glycoprotein

Simian hemorrhagic fever virus

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Disease relevance of orf2

  • A heptad motif, VSRRIYQ, which is present in a single copy in ORF2 and 3 proteins, was identified; this arrangement is completely conserved in all European-type PRRSV sequences available [1].
  • These results suggest that the 2b protein is virion associated and the principal product of ORF2 [2].
  • The predicted LDV-P proteins, however, differed from those predicted for the LDV-C proteins between 25% for the ORF 2 protein and 1% for the ORF 7 nucleocapsid protein [3].

High impact information on orf2

  • The 3' part of EAV ORF 2a overlaps with the 5' part of the former ORF 2 (now renamed ORF 2b), which encodes the GS glycoprotein [4].
  • Using monospecific antisera as well as an antivirion serum, and by expression of individual ORFs, the genes for the structural proteins were identified: ORF 7 codes for N, ORF 6 for M, ORF 5 for GL, and ORF 2 for GS [5].
  • Intriguingly, a mutation associated with virulence/attenuation of an American vaccine strain of PRRSV also localized to this ORF2 protein segment and affected the hydrophobic face of the predicted amphipathic helix [1].
  • Nucleotide sequence analysis of North American PRRSV isolate SDSU-23983 revealed a small ORF within ORF2, named ORF2b, which, when translated, produced a 73-amino-acid nonglycosylated protein [2].
  • The protein has an apparent molecular weight of 29 to 30 kDa, was recognized by an ORF2-specific antipeptide serum in Western immunoblotting using sucrose gradient purified LV virions, and was shown to be N-glycosylated [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of orf2


Other interactions of orf2

  • The ORFs 2, 3 and 4 overlapped each other and encoded polypeptides with predicted M(r) of 29.5 kDa (ORF 2), 28.7 kDa (ORF 3) and 19.5 kDa (ORF 4), respectively [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of orf2

  • PCV2 and ORF2 ELISA detected antibodies to PCV2 and the capsid protein, respectively, in sera from pigs experimentally infected with PCV2 as early as 14 and 21 days postinoculation (dpi) [8].


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