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Gene Review

CD8B  -  CD8b molecule

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CD8B1, LEU2, LY3, LYT3, P37, ...
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High impact information on CD8B


Biological context of CD8B

  • Chromatin and CD4, CD8A and CD8B gene expression during thymic differentiation [3].
  • Phylogeny and structure of the Ly-2 and Ly-3 (CD8) complex [4].
  • Leu-3/Leu-2 (CD4/CD8) ratio of lamina propria lymphocytes (LPL) of CD (mean +/- SD: 1.9 +/- 0.8, P less than 0.01) was significantly decreased compared with controls (3.3 +/- 1.1), because of an increased number of CD8+ lymphocytes [5].
  • Again, phenotypes similar to those observed on LGL enriched by Percoll gradient centrifugation were found: of VEP13+ cells 84 +/- 6% reacted with OKM1, 82 +/- 5% with OKT10, 52 +/- 17% with anti-human Lyt3, and 48 +/- 14% with anti-Leu2a, whereas VEP8, VEP9, VIM-D5, VIB-C5, T6, Leu1, Leu3a antigens were not expressed on VEP13+ cells [6].

Anatomical context of CD8B

  • To locate elements regulating the human CD8 gene complex, we mapped nuclear matrix attachment regions (MARs) and DNase I hypersensitive (HS) sites over a 100-kb region that included the CD8B gene, the intergenic region, and the CD8A gene [7].
  • In the same way, Lyt3 was used for determination of the total T lymphocytes [8].
  • Unfractionated mononuclear leukocytes (MNL) were sensitized with appropriate dilutions of monoclonal antibodies to human Lyt3 , OKT4 and OKT8 antigens, and to a monocyte-myeloid line antigen [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CD8B

  • In patients with Stage IIIb disease, there were trends toward higher recurrence, lower survival, or disease free survival rates in the Ly2 + Ly3 groups compared with the Ly1 group (P < 0.1) [10].


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