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Social Work

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Psychiatry related information on Social Work


High impact information on Social Work

  • MRSA in a hospital social worker [6].
  • Major problems confronting the MS patient and family are discussed at each level, and appropriate social work interventions are outlined [7].
  • Of these, 10 patients (48%) went on to do 2 or more exposure and ritual prevention sessions over a mean of 64 days; they improved significantly on OCD symptoms, as much as is usual with serotonin reuptake inhibitor medication, and in mood and work/social adjustment [8].
  • The educational programme resulted in substantial and significant increases in patient knowledge about lithium, such that knowledge increased from a baseline comparable with that of social workers to a level similar to that of community psychiatric nurses [9].
  • Four hundred patients aged at least 17 who came to Casualty in one year after deliberately poisoning themselves were randomly assigned between an Experimental social work service (task-centered casework) and a Control (routine) follow-up service [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Social Work


Biological context of Social Work

  • In addition to receiving the anti-inflammatory agent sulindac, patients were evaluated and followed up by health professionals in the disciplines of medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, social work, and psychology [12].
  • Twenty-five social work members of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine responded to a survey in which they identified their chief concerns and challenges encountered in family practice [13].
  • BACKGROUND: Much knowledge exists about the epidemiology of MS but, despite its importance for health and social service planning, there remains relatively little data on the extent and nature of disability and handicap in this population [14].
  • Public health social work: pro bono publico [15].
  • The relationship between social work and medical sociology is analyzed, utilizing case studies of an academic institution, Harvard University, and a private foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation. Both strongly supported social work during the first decades of the twentieth century, and both changed their focus to social science [16].

Anatomical context of Social Work


Associations of Social Work with chemical compounds

  • In 97 heroin addicts in a methadone maintenance treatment program (MMTP) with social services, urine screening for opioid metabolites identified groups with different treatment compliance [19].
  • The prevalence of affected children (FAS and partial FAS) was 1 per 198 students or 4.3 per 1000.The FAS Screen was completed annually by school staff, teachers, social workers, and psychologists [20].
  • We collected data for a one-year follow-up period on client placement, health and functional status, informal support, and use of health and social services for clients in two urban and two rural counties that participated in the Minnesota Pre-Admission Screening/Alternative Care Grants Program (PAS/ACG) [21].
  • The data came from a survey of social workers living in New York City following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Factor analyses indicated that the CF scale measured multiple dimensions [22].
  • CONCLUSION: This model suggests, with its underlying assumptions and data, that the combination of infliximab and MTX may be a cost-effective treatment (from the UK NHS and personal social service perspectives) for patients experiencing RA that cannot be maintained on MTX alone [23].

Gene context of Social Work

  • Each child was assessed by a pediatric gastroenterologist, dietician, and social worker and underwent appropriate laboratory investigation during which leptin, IL1, IL6 and TNF-alpha levels were determined [24].
  • Social workers can play an important role in providing psychosocial therapies for clients with ADHD and their families [25].
  • The screening questionnaire administered by medical social workers had a sensitivity of 100% for identifying persons with epilepsy [26].
  • Out of 141 new referrals to a Social Services Department 101 were assessed at inception and twelve-month follow-up using the Present State Examination (PSE), the Social Maladjustment Schedule (SMS) and the Case Review Form (CRF) [27].
  • Four populations of persons aged 65 and over were examined: those living in their own homes; in sheltered housing; in social services aged persons' hostels (Part III accommodation); and in hospitals [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Social Work


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