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Domestic Violence

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Disease relevance of Domestic Violence


Psychiatry related information on Domestic Violence

  • RESULTS: Domestic violence survivors with PTSD, regardless of whether or not they had comorbid depression, had significantly lower baseline cortisol levels at 9:00 a.m. than the healthy subjects and trauma survivors with no diagnosis [2].

High impact information on Domestic Violence


Associations of Domestic Violence with chemical compounds


Gene context of Domestic Violence

  • Helene Raskin White reviewed prospective data on how alcohol affects the intergenerational transmission of family violence [10].
  • CONCLUSION: Men who present to the ED with injuries inflicted by their female partners have a high rate of domestic violence perpetration [11].
  • The 1984 Attorney General's Task Force Report on Domestic Violence attested: Anyone who lives in a violent home experiences an essential loss [12].
  • Voices from the margins Part 1: narrative accounts of indigenous family violence [13].
  • The poor reputation of the NHS in dealing with domestic violence is not helped by a lack of evidence on effective approaches to it [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Domestic Violence

  • The present study uses data from the 1992 National Alcohol and Family Violence Survey, a national probability sample of 1,970 individuals, to examine the prevalence, severity, and onset of wife assaults associated with pregnancy among Anglo and Hispanic families [15].
  • A total of 110 participants (32 Black and 78 White) were obtained from the first time period of a longitudinal study examining the effects of domestic violence on women [16].


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