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Home Care Agencies

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High impact information on Home Care Agencies

  • The Medicare home health interim payment system (IPS) implemented in fiscal year 1998 provided very strong incentives for home health agencies (HHAs) to reduce the number of visits provided to each Medicare user and to avoid those beneficiaries whose Medicare plan of care was likely to exceed the average beneficiary cost limit [1].
  • The striking responsiveness of home health agencies (HHAs) to altered financial incentives suggests that we may again see large shifts in patterns of care under the new incentives of Medicare's prospective payment system (PPS) for home health [2].
  • METHODS: An observational study was performed on all patients (N = 5570) admitted from 1997 to 2001 to home care programs in 19 home health agencies that participated in the National Silver Network project in Italy [3].
  • Lean, mean data machine. Large New York home health agency transforms itself for success with point-of-care devices and its own internally developed documentation system [4].
  • This article presents the results of a pilot POC patient satisfaction study conducted at four home health agencies [5].

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